Here At Blueline We Represent The 5 R's

 The Right Match, the Right Expectations, Relationships, Recognition, and Respect are the five R's we stand by to implement success into our everyday operations.

Blueline Protection managers and supervisors also focus on the emotional aspect of employee coaching to help build self-esteem. Raising self-esteem raises productivity and engagement. The Five R's is not a feel-good program. It is linked to positive outcomes, such as reduced absenteeism, an increased amount of safety, as well as client retention. What does this mean? Employees who enjoy their jobs are more engaged in the tasks they perform.

BLP also conducts random, unannounced inspections to assess the appearance, demeanor, performance, and knowledge of our security officers. Inspections are conducted by all members of management, including general managers, and the chief. Reports of all visits are summarized and disclosed to client management if requested. All of our deficiencies noted are accompanied by a detailed action plans.

Key audit categories include:

  • Officer's presence
  • Security officer's appearance and demeanor
  • Uniform (meet/does not meet standards)
  • Knowledge of the standard operating procedures
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Review of logs and incident reports
  • Security officer feedback on necessary account/shift improvements
  • Training exercise (questions are asked and scenarios are presented)

Our motto at Blueline Protection has always been " Our Client Comes First ". We recognize that the needs of all potential clients may vary; therefore, we remain flexible when determining the particular needs of each individual client. As a direct result of our client retention strategy, we are able to offer competitive rates, while still maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

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