Armed Guard Services

Blueline Protection Security offers highly trained armed guards for all of your security needs.

Armed guards are popular in many different situations. These security officers may be uniformed or plain-clothed. Some clients and their customers feel more at ease having an armed guard on duty. Armed guards can be armed with several different non-lethal weapons in addition to a firearm. Security officers armed with batons, chemical sprays, or Tasers are available and are often more suitable to a client's security needs.

  • Armed security guards are popular at security guard posts in high-crime areas, with clients that have been threatened, at posts where large amounts of cash are stored, etc.
  • Armed guards can be plain-clothed, formal-dressed, or uniformed.
  • Armed security officers can be used temporarily or permanently.
  • Private security guards should always be armed in cases of workplace violence, threats, a violent incident, etc